Must Have Golf Gifts For Holidays

For those of you who are looking forward to the upcoming golf product releases for 2016 or those that are looking for a Holiday gift this article is going to take a quick look at some of the most interesting.
I am going to start with the golf ball market, which as we all know is saturated with golf balls, but TaylorMade are going to be releasing their first new balls in two years, and although we don´t know that much about it at the moment the information that we have been given is that the change will be in the urethane cover.
TaylorMadeThe first the Project (a) will become softer without compromising distance and aimed at the amateur golfer. The Tour Preferred will become the softest ball TaylorMade has ever produced and will use a material that is 50% softer for the mantle and finally the Tour Preferred X, a 5 piece construction with added Greenside control.
With the pending release of these balls and the release of the Wilson Duo it seems that manufacturers are convinced that golfers require a softer ball.
Although not necessary equipment it is something that should be in the bag of every single serious golfer. The R & A and the USGA have made a few modifications to the rules of golf which will come into effect in 2016. Although the modifications are minimal it is vital for golfers know them. The new Rules book will be available to order from the R & A website in the near future.
Of the 2016 equipment already released, the advancements in technology and the use of new “space age” materials is quite staggering.
The cobra has launched the King Ltd driver, which is phenomenal, designed in partnership with CASIS (The Centre for the Advancement of Science in Space) Cobra has created one of the most technologically advanced drivers to date. The main features of this club are the materials used to build it and the way that the reduced weight means that the COG is on the neutral axis line, which means that Cobra have been able to increase both the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and the launch angle. For the golfer this means explosive power, an unbelievable launch angle and ball speed all resulting in one of the most powerful and forgiving drivers ever released onto the market.
Alongside this incredible driver Cobra have launched the King irons which are also packed full of technology. Designed with the single figure golfer in mind the forged King irons take advantage of the technology and design in the driver to create a club head with enhanced feel and control.
The wave of technology doesn´t stop with Cobra´s release of the King family of clubs, Callaway has also taken stock an improved the technology within their Great Big Bertha range of clubs. Callaway Mem's Great Big Bertha
The Great Big Bertha Drivers and fairway woods offer so many customizable options that Callaway hasn´t even aimed the clubs at a certain type of golfer, they are so confident that any golfer can find the right combination of settings to maximize distance and control. The driver is available in various weights and with the combination of custom settings the club should be a perfect fit for anyone. But the design features don´t stop there, Callaway have ensured that the club head is aerodynamically geared to produce more club head speed with less spin helping to further increase distance. I have long been a fan of Callaway fairway woods and the new Great Big Bertha fairway is as good as any, with a forged cup face to increase ball speeds and the Warbird soleplate to improve turf interaction the technology is mind boggling. A great range of clubs for any golfer looking for more consistency and greater distance.
Callaway has also made a change to the Apex irons and have introduced the same cup face technology as they fairway woods through the 3-7 irons, whilst the 8 to PW do not have this technology, which helps to increase feel and control on approach shots.
Of all the new iron models for 2016, the most beautifully crafted have to be the Mizuno MP5, while Mizuno are famed for their great looking irons, the MP5 has to be the most beautiful I have ever seen. Behind the ball they look amazing, the feel of the grain flow forging process is second to none and coupled with the technology behind these irons, any player will be happy to have these in their bag.
Mizuno has combined the traditional muscle back design with eh forgiveness of a cavity back with this iron by creating a thicker area behind the impact zone and the toe of the club. The channel back design has brought the forgiveness of a cavity back to the design, feel and controllability of a pure muscle back club. Mizuno has introduced a progression throughout the set to improve the launch and ball flight in both the long irons and the short irons.
Mizuno have also launched the MP25 which is a traditional forged head, smaller than many of its competitors’ heads, generating greater overall performance. Interesting Mizuno have created the thinnest clubface ever in the MP range with the use of boron, which is stronger and lighter than steel. A micro slot that passes through the impact area and deep into the sole of the club increasing the ball speed, reducing spin and generating more distance in the 3-6 irons. The 7 – PW feature a traditional solid blade design for the control and feel epitomized by Mizuno irons.
All the manufacturers are releasing new models and designs to try and stay at the top of the market, but it is not just golf clubs and golf balls that have undergone an overhaul. Golf clothing too is making leaps and bounds into the technologically advanced design features and all of the big players have their own clothing ranges to accompany their iron and wood releases. More on latest Golf Apparel in an upcoming post.


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