Excellent Golf Posture Creates Balanced Golf Swing

The internet is full of golfing tips for the millions of golfers that are searching for that magical tip that will transform their game.

As a golf coach many clients also come to me requesting a quick fix for their game, but I try as and when possible to avoid giving them a quick fix because it only works for a few weeks or months.

Instead what I like to do to a client that is a one lesson golfer is to ensure that they go away with something that they can keep coming back to, a tip that will serve them for the rest of their golfing lives, something that will improve their game month on month, year on year.

This tip will almost certainly be regarding one of the three basic fundamentals of the golf swing. These three fundamentals are the foundations of any golf swing and the basis of any repetitive golf swing.

For the majority the best piece of advice I can give for a one lesson golfer is to improve your balance. Balance is the biggest single reason why so many golfers do not make consistent contact with the golf ball.

The loss of balance doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to fall over, or that you won´t hit the occasional good golf shot. It means that you are not in control, you are not able to repeat your golf swing on a regular basis.

The loss of balance for many golfers, especially beginners begins with the posture, another of the basic fundamentals.

Think about it – if you are not in balance before you even start the golf swing, what chance are you going to have during the swing when your entire body is working to get the club back to the ball.

So my top tip for you today is this; Get yourself set up perfectly every single time you stand over the ball.

What is the perfect posture?
Well it is personal to each person, but all follow a pattern.

To begin with you need to ensure that your feet are shoulder width apart, you can check in front of a mirror to make sure. Then flex your knees gently, you should feel as though you are ready to move at any given moment. You now want to create an angle of 40º with your spine angle. You need to bend from the hips, to make this easier you need to stick your bottom out. Keep your spine straight and your head up, so that your chin is up off your chest. Let your arms hang naturally underneath your shoulders and grip from this position, which with the club head flat to the floor you will be in the perfect position to swing the club.

You should be checking your posture on a regular basis and try to maintain it throughout your golf swing to ensure unwanted movements.

It is the posture that is the basis to good balance, and good balance is a necessity to improve your consistency out on the golf course.

After all how many professionals have you seen fall over?

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