Do Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finders Really Work?

313X56+0yFL._SY450_Before sweet spot finders were invented, golfers had to rely on their superstitions and guesswork to hope they hit the perfect point and end up with the best shot their swing could deliver.

Golfers routinely blame a missed shot on the fact that they didn’t hit the sweet spot. Some use this phrase to mean the sweet spot of a golf club, but others know there’s a science involved in hitting the right point on a golf ball, also known as a sweet spot.

Most sweet spot finders look similar to a miniature version of a ball washer. There’s a place to lock in the ball, and then you let the machine spin the ball as it figures out its mass and other scientific details.

When the sweet spot finder finishes spinning the ball and evaluating its size and measurements, it positions the ball so that you can take a permanent marker and place a dot where the sweet spot it – right where the gadget tells you to.

Most of these sweet spot finders take about 20 seconds to determine the sweet spot of a ball. And once it’s marked, you can simply tee up with the dotted area ready for impact with your swing.

Every ball has its own unique measurements, and although they’re invisible tot he naked eye, they’re there, and they can mean the difference between a hole in one on a par 3 and a triple bogey if you’re unsure of how to handle a ball with imperfections.

Are sweet spot finders illegal? Not according tot he United States Golf Association rules. Even though it gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors, sweet spot finders are perfectly legal and being used by golfers around the world.

Some golf ball manufacturers make the claim that their golf balls are perfectly balanced, but what that means is there’s a margin of error allowed to protect them legally and allow them to say it’s a true statement, even though it’s not.

Because the balls aren’t all the same, having a sweet spot finder can make a difference in whether or not you have the accuracy and precision you’re seeking when you get in the fairway and are intending on reaching the green.

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